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"Evan is exactly the kind of actor that I love to work with - he has an amazing work ethic, a passion for everything he does and more than his fair share of talent. He is a great performer to have in a company as he sets the bar higher for everyone else."

-Richard Hester, Production Supervisor - Jersey Boys Global

"Evan is a seasoned, highly motivated, and hardworking performer who propelled the performances of Jersey Boys into another level of theatre experience. The audiences couldn't get enough of this talented man and it was a thrill to work with his caliber of professionalism and abilities." - Freddy Ramirez, Choreographer


"Evan is a genuinely fine singer, dancer, musician, and company member. He is incredibly disciplined, always prepared, and has two qualities I greatly appreciate in any creative space: kindness and generosity." - Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill, Producing Artistic Director - Capital Rep

"Working with Evan can be summed up in one word: easy! He is a remarkable singer, a brilliant musician, and a consummate professional in every sense of the word. From the moment he joined my show he has continued to amaze me by how responsible and respectful he is while delivering effortless falsetto and brilliant piano skills to audiences worldwide. He is an asset to any cast or team and I cannot recommend him enough!"

-DJ Bucciarelli, Creator of Carole's Kings and CEO, 2a Productions, Inc

"Evan is a superior musician, a charismatic and instinctive performer, and a wonderful collaborator. Not only is it a pleasure to work with Evan, continually, but I always know our production will evolve and get heartier because of his involvement."

-Peter Flynn, SDC, NYU Tisch/Stella Adler School of Acting

"I have had the privilege of working with Evan on several projects over the past six years. his richly excellent musicianship and nuanced, heartfelt acting choices blew me away from the first time he auditioned for me. He is proficient at several musical instruments and his vibrantly generous collaborative spirit has made him a huge asset to each piece we've developed together. I hope to work with him again and often in the future!"

-Orion S. Johnstone, Composer/Lyricist - Tully (In No Particular Order)

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